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Space Clearing

So what in the world is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is an almost lost practice that spans most cultures since ancient times and has scientific and spiritual aspects.  We all have had some exposure to it in one way or another.  Incense and/or sage are common things some of us have used for cleaning or clearing basic energetic aspects of our spaces.  In our physical spaces, energy becomes built up over time.  The many different beings or situations who enter the space bring their different energies, and those energies can linger in the space for a long time, even after the person leaves.   In addition, most of us have been in certain places, lands, or any physical space that have felt uncomfortable for us for one reason or another.  In extreme situations, tragedies such as serious accidents, deaths, war, or environmental disasters can cause physical spaces to become unbalanced.  Space Clearing techniques can be used to cure these unbalances within physical spaces, lands, and real estate.

Feng Shui, Integrated Energy Medicines, Indigenous Practices, and Eastern Philosophical practices are just some of the techniques used in the process of Space Clearing.  Each Space Clearing is unique and requires different approaches.

As part of The Space Clearing Society, I am part of a group of people who have been trained in a wide range of shamanic healing practices through the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners. The members of the Society are dedicated to providing space clearing services to the community. The Society’s particular focus is to work in spaces where the healing arts are practiced or where healing is needed.

If you feel you would benefit from the services of Space Clearing, please contact me.  While many Space Clearings are held in person, they can be conducted non-locally.  To learn more or to engage my services, please contact Pedro at

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is space clearing?
A Space Clearing addresses problems on a physical level that seem to be arising from unseen events.

How do these imbalances occur?
From a shamanic point of view, energetic imbalances can occur in a space when energies have become trapped. These psychic imprints can continue to affect events or circumstances in that space long after the original event has occurred. From a shamanic point of view, these energies need assistance in releasing their attachments to the spaces they are caught in.

How would I know I need a space clearing?
You might experience an uneasy feeling in the space, or there might be ongoing electrical problems, strange sounds, or anomalous experiences. People entering the space may feel cold or breathless, or have a range of other unusual physical symptoms. People may also experience bad luck or business problems in the space.

Who does the space clearing?
The Space Clearing Society consists of practitioners who are trained in advanced shamanic practices drawn from many different shamanic traditions. These practices are designed to address energetic imbalances.

What is the process of space clearing?
Space Clearing methods differ according to the types of imbalances that are occurring in the space, but the approach is always one based in compassion and positive intention. Usually, the process takes an hour or two and is done by a group. The size of the group varies depending on member availability and the presenting issues of the space.

What are the benefits?
People generally experience an alleviation of the issues they had been dealing with before the clearing. People often report that the space feels “lighter” or more relaxed.

How can I maintain the space after clearing?
After the clearing is complete, the Space Clearing Society members offer specific suggestions catered to your unique situation.

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